Picture of Stan WaffordStan Wafford – 2013 Peter J. Salmon Award nominee

Stan began working in July 2009 with BISM’s AbilityOne Base Supply Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He has been essential to the success of the Fort Knox Base Supply Center. Stan always is the first to greet customers and takes the primary role of facility maintenance. He volunteered to take charge in many areas of facility maintenance such as cleaning, outside maintenance and floor care where we have realized a savings of $8,400 per year. He provides great customer service and has developed many professional and personal relationships with our customers. Stan was instrumental in the Fort Knox BSC achieving their best year-end inventory of 99.99%. Stan likes to stay busy and is always willing to do whatever is asked. He makes sure all of the marketing materials for the Credit Card classes are organized and prepared before each class. Stan also assists in the warehouse receiving during our busy season to ensure that the customers have all the products available to them.