AbilityOne BSC
Blind Industries sells a wide variety of office and cleaning supplies including quality AbilityOne, SKILCRAFT and Commercial products through our AbilityOne Base Supply Centers (BSC) and e-commerce site.

There are eight AbilityOne Base Supply Centers located on military installations throughout Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

AbilityOne Store Locations:

BSC Logo

SuperEagle Logo
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Our SuperEagleSupply site serves our state and federal government customers, both military and civilian. Customers like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the State of Maryland find it a convenient way to make their purchases from a list of over 28,000 office and cleaning supplies. SuperEagleSupply an approved Minority Business Enterprise Vendor. State of Maryland authorized buyers can meet their minimum annual purchasing requirements when buying at www.SuperEagleSupply.com. Many commercial customers also use this site to help them meet their organizational supply needs.

If you are interested in establishing a Base Supply Center at your location contact us at BaseSupplyCenter@bism.org or call 202-563-2217.

To view the informational video "AbilityOne BSC: Your Authorized AbilityOne Store" click here.

Base Supply Center Customer Appreciation Events Planned
The events are a prime opportunity for vendors to showcase their products by speaking directly with key customers on base. We are seeking commercial vendors and associated agencies interested in participating and developing new sales opportunities by marketing products at our annual shows.  For more information, contact Rene Alonso at 410-299-6628 or ralonso@bism.org


AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Aberdeen

Barry Councili Pic
Barry Councill
BSC Logo
320 Johnson Street
Bldg 320, Door 1
Aberdeen PG, MD 21005
Phone:  410-297-4950
Fax:  410-297-4953

AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Andrews

Michael Backstrom Pic
Michael Backstrom
BSC Logo
3066 E. Perimeter Road
Bldg 3066
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
Phone:  301-599-0316
Fax:  301-599-0319

AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Edgewood

Sanela Hotic Pic
Sanela Hotic
BSC Logo
3007 Bush River Road
Bldg E3007
Edgewood, MD 21010
Phone:  410-676-0564
Fax:  410-676-0592
Email:  shotic@bism.org
AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Dover

Kim Utley Pic
Kim Utley
BSC Logo
639 Atlantic Street
Bldg 639, Door 35
Dover AFB, DE 19902
Phone:  302-736-3506
Fax:  302-736-3508
Email:  kutley@bism.org
Fort Knox
AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Ft. Knox
Judy Bosler Pic
Judy Bosler
Ability One BSC Logo
1717 Eisenhower Ave 
Bldg 1717
Fort Knox, KY 40121
Phone:  502-942-9690
Fax:  502-942-8890
Defense Intelligence Agency
AbilityOne Base Supply Center - Reston

Sean Kennedy Pic
Sean Kennedy
Ability One BSC Logo
12310 Sunrise Valley Drive
Bldg R1, Room 1047
Reston, VA.   20191
Phone:  703-390-9221
Fax:  703-390-9226

Defense Intelligence Agency
AbilityOne Base Supply Center - DIA
Albert Turner Pic
Albert Turner, Jr.
AbilityOne BSC Logo
200 MacDill Street
Bldg 6000
Room D1-849A
Washington, DC 20032
Phone:  202-562-1790
Fax:  202-562-1792

Joint Base Annacostia-Bolling
AbilityOne Base Supply Center - JBAB

Tim Hammett
Tim Hammett
AbilityOne BSC Logo
229 Brookley Ave.
Bldg 520, North End
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
Washington, DC 20032
Phone:  202-561-6245
Fax:  202-561-6259

Super Eagle supply

Ecommerce Store
Super Eagle Supply
Kevin Gillespie
Kevin Gillespie
BSC Logo
32 W. Loockerman St.
Suite 106
Dover, DE 19904
Phone:  877-647-4611
Fax:  302-674-2103
  Web:  www.supereaglesupply.com
Email:  seagle@bism.org